A Champion.....Yes, "one that wins first place or first prize in a competition" is one main definition. However, a champion can also be someone who "has the attributes of a winner." In other words, a person can be "a" champion even when they are not "the" champion during this or that particular competition. A champion in life is someone who puts their best foot forward and strives to be the best they can possibly be and doesn't except anything less of themselves. Everyone has the the will to win, but difference between a champion and everyone else is that the Champion has the will to prepare to win. They Train their Body, Mind and Spirit for the battles of life coming their way. Lets face it..... In life we are either going into a storm,...

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In a world driven by fear and self doubt the phrase "I can't" is often used. It is mostly used as a protector or safety net against the fear of discomfort and success. Most people use "I can't" in the place of "I don't want to" and never explore the possibilities beyond the "norm" they're use to. It the Fitness world as well as life, people always seem to want the results they never had without doing they work they never did. It doesn't work that way, TRUST ME. As the Creator and founder of THE F.I.R.I.C.A.N.O METHOD, I often see clients of all different sizes, shapes and fitness levels, and the deciding factor that I see when it comes to results are the two small words, "I CAN". When I hear people say "I CAN'T" my response is always "Yo...

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Look through the days of the week...... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Does anyone see Someday? That's because it doesn't exist, Someday was created by a procrastinator. I hear it all the time, "someday I'm going to do this" or "someday I'm going to do that" and Someday never seems to come. People with goals and dreams should never say Someday, Be specific in setting goals and strive to meet them. This will keep you more focused and help keep you motivated. Show me somebody who really wants something someday and I'll show you somebody who just "kinda" wants something but really likes the thought of it. There is a HUGE difference.

Forget about the fad diets and gimmicks that you see on T.V. and in other large commercial gyms. Here are the 3 things that you need to get the body and results that you have been searching for, 1st you need a BURNING DESIRE!! You need to want it, not just kind of want it!! It has to be a priority!! You have to want results, more than you don't and be willing to do whatever it takes to get them! If that means waking up an hour or so early to make time to workout, than so be it! If you are saying you can't get up that early, than what you are really saying is that you can get up, it's just that you value sleep more than you value results. If that's the case than you don't have a BURNING DESIRE, and you just kind of want it. You don't get ...

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Small Group Training and Bootcamps are a great way to get in shape, they are instructor lead and peer driven. The only thing is , (as the same for one on one training).... You get what you put in PERIOD!! There is no magic classes or training programs where you just show up and get results, if there were I would be writing this blog from my little Island somewhere with my feet in the sand, sipping on a "protein" drink! You need to give everything you got not only from the beginning of the session to the end, but outside the gym as well. You can't come into a class and want to talk to your friends for the hour and pick and chose your spots to work hard, you are only fooling yourself into thinking that you are working hard because you hire...

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First off I'd like to say.... I don't represent all trainers and fitness professionals, I represent myself and FIRICANO BOXING & FITNESS CENTER. Working out should be a way of life and not something you dread. So many of us think to ourselves and even vocalize to others saying "ugghh I have to to to the gym". What these people do is they go to the large commercial gyms and lose themselves in the crowd, get on a treadmill for 20 minutes, go throw around a few weights, get bored and go home. All to say they went to the gym. Well I have some advice for you, next time you say the words "ugghh I have to go to the gym".... DON'T GO! That's right, I said it DON'T GO! Thats what I do, I never do anything I don't want to do! When I feel like that...

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I need to get in shape for bikini season, I need to get in shape for a wedding, I need to get in shape for this, I need to get in shape for that!! Does this sound familiar to you? Well to me it sounds ridiculous! You get in shape to be healthy, not for a special occasion!! So many of us mistake being in shape, as skinny. Just because someone is skinny does NOT mean they are fit or even healthy for that matter. So instead of "getting in shape" for a special occasion, how about getting in shape for a better quality of life! As long as you stay in shape, you will never have to get in shape again!

Why is it when we put gas in our cars, we tend to put the best in, When there is a dent or scratch on our ride (a real eye sore) we find the money to get it fixed but when it comes to our bodies, we don't hesitate to eat junk food or even blink an eye at the belly we have hanging over our belts (a real eye sore)! Your body and car are both machines and both need maintenance so why do most people care more about the upkeep of their car and neglect the more important.... their BODY! You can always get a new car, but you only get one body... Take care of it!

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