Champions are obsessed with losing

A Champion.....Yes, "one that wins first place or first prize in a competition" is one main definition. However, a champion can also be someone who "has the attributes of a winner." In other words, a person can be "a" champion even when they are not "the" champion during this or that particular competition. A champion in life is someone who puts their best foot forward and strives to be the best they can possibly be and doesn't except anything less of themselves. Everyone has the the will to win, but difference between a champion and everyone else is that the Champion has the will to prepare to win. They Train their Body, Mind and Spirit for the battles of life coming their way. Lets face it..... In life we are either going into a storm, we are in a storm or coming out of a storm and only the strong survive. Champions fight for what they want even if the easiest thing to do is quit. The champion will never make excuses, they will fight for solutions. They don't fear to lose, In fact they LOVE IT! They are obsessed with it, YES!... They are obsessed with losing because losing to them has a different meaning, losing is not defeat its a setback in their progress and it drives them. It's like an adrenline rush that pushes them even harder. It's a feeling of competition, a feeling they need to feel alive. You see, when you love your life you respect it. You just don't love it when it's good, you love it when it's bad. Instead of complaining about it, take action love the process and compete in the game of life. When You figure this out you will be unbeatable.... you will become a champion!!


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