In a world driven by fear and self doubt the phrase "I can't" is often used. It is mostly used as a protector or safety net against the fear of discomfort and success. Most people use "I can't" in the place of "I don't want to" and never explore the possibilities beyond the "norm" they're use to. It the Fitness world as well as life, people always seem to want the results they never had without doing they work they never did. It doesn't work that way, TRUST ME. As the Creator and founder of THE F.I.R.I.C.A.N.O METHOD, I often see clients of all different sizes, shapes and fitness levels, and the deciding factor that I see when it comes to results are the two small words, "I CAN". When I hear people say "I CAN'T" my response is always "You're right" because frankly, with that way of thinking you won't. I believe life is all about stakes, obstacles and through lines, What's at stake (what do you want?) what's you're obstacle (what stands in your way of getting what you want?) and through line (what actions are needed to get around what is standing in your way to get what you want). Saying "I can't" just means that you've come to an obstacle and instead finding away through it, you just quit! What does that tell me, (here is the part of the blog where I am brutally honest) You are either spoiled and soft, or you don't want what's at stake bad enough. People always say they want something, but what they really mean is that they kind of want it, because when you really want something, when your stakes are high enough, there is no such thing as "I can't" because what's at stake is worth more than the obstacle at hand. The way you think and the priorities in your life play a major role, Your health and well being should be what's at stake in everything you do in life, it is the single most important thing! The stakes cannot get higher. People tend to forget that, They forget that without your health and well being, you cannot do ANYTHING to the best of your abilities. The other day in my Boxing Bootcamp I overheard two people talking while putting little or no effort into hitting the bags. They were talking about the new I Phone and how they couldn't wait, because they were due for an upgrade. In my head I couldn't believe what was going on because I thought.... "WOW!!... They rather upgrade their phone than themselves!" Think about it, when you are at the gym you are there to upgrade yourself aren't you? I was wondering if Apple put the same effort into their I phone during the upgrade as these two people were putting into their workout to upgrade themselves, would they still buy it? I don't think so! It's funny how people work so hard to find away through the obstacles standing in their way to upgrade phones, cars or any other material things but when it comes to upgrading themselves and an obstacle arises they basically say "I can't." Let me ask you this, can you do those two extra burpees if there was 10 million dollars on the line? EXACTLY! So I guess you can, you just don't want to. (it's funny how money motivates but health doesn't) So next time your at the gym or doing anything in life that will upgrade yourself remember what's at stake (your health, well being, results family, career .... just to name a few) and when you come to an obstacle (your tired, sore, unfocused, fear, insecurity and so on) say "I CAN" and work through it. (through line) STAY STRONG, STAY FOCUSED..... There are no limits!

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