First off I'd like to say.... I don't represent all trainers and fitness professionals, I represent myself and FIRICANO BOXING & FITNESS CENTER. Working out should be a way of life and not something you dread. So many of us think to ourselves and even vocalize to others saying "ugghh I have to to to the gym". What these people do is they go to the large commercial gyms and lose themselves in the crowd, get on a treadmill for 20 minutes, go throw around a few weights, get bored and go home. All to say they went to the gym. Well I have some advice for you, next time you say the words "ugghh I have to go to the gym".... DON'T GO! That's right, I said it DON'T GO! Thats what I do, I never do anything I don't want to do! When I feel like that, I don't go, but let me tell you, those days are far and in between. There aren't too many days that I am not excited to workout! Here's why... Working out is a positive thing not only for your body, but your mind and soul as well. When your at the gym and your working hard, pushing your body to a place where you never thought possible, a feeling of greatness comes over you and you feel like you can accomplish anything, not only in the gym but in your life as well. Pushing your body teaches you all about hard work and perseverance which will carry on in your career, school, family life or any dream you may be chasing. If you work hard, and I really mean work hard.... GREATNESS WILL CHASE YOU! Working out does not have to be boring and time consuming, Find a workout that keeps you striving and keeps your body guessing and the possibilities will be endless! Checkout my bootcamp video and see what we do, and start letting greatness chase you!

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