Shut the hell up!!! I'm trying to workout!!!

Small Group Training and Bootcamps are a great way to get in shape, they are instructor lead and peer driven. The only thing is , (as the same for one on one training).... You get what you put in PERIOD!! There is no magic classes or training programs where you just show up and get results, if there were I would be writing this blog from my little Island somewhere with my feet in the sand, sipping on a "protein" drink! You need to give everything you got not only from the beginning of the session to the end, but outside the gym as well. You can't come into a class and want to talk to your friends for the hour and pick and chose your spots to work hard, you are only fooling yourself into thinking that you are working hard because you hired a trainer. On an average, I train people 10-11 hours per day, I see it all! I see the people who come in, follow the program, work hard and see results, Then I see the people who come in, talk for an hour, go through the motions, finish up and run over to Honey Dew after class and get a muffin. For real... No joke! These are the ones who wont exercise the rest of the week, come in for their next class and do it all over again. Now here is the kicker.....Ready? These are the same ones who will also complain about not seeing the results they wanted when they signed up! Don't get me wrong, I love when people come in and have fun, it should be fun and interesting each and every class, but when its work time, it's time to work... get it! So I leave you with this thought, because your classmates are to nice to tell you (believe me they want to) When you are talking to them, and they seem interested in what you are saying.... They are only being polite. In their head they are saying.... SHUT THE HELL UP! I'M TRYING TO WORKOUT! Believe me I know, because I'm the one they are telling after class! So remember, the next time you want to have a conversation in class or small group, you're not only ruining your workout and the person you're talking to workout, but you are ruining the workouts of others around you as well! Stay focused and get results!

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